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ant svn svnkit javahl

Continous Integration with Jenkins/Hudson-SVN- ANT-Session 1/3, time: 46:11 | Email:info at | © Demo Source and Support. All rights reserved.Note: These settings are for svnant and prior. Since version As of svnant the attributes svnkit and javahl have been deprecated. The alternative. Making SvnAnt use SVNKit. Step-by-step instructions: Remove existing and (libraries distirbuted with the svnant) from your Ant. You may now run from svnant/build/distrib/ - SVNKit will be used automatically when JavaHL is not available. Note: will fail. 5. To use svn task you have to add a taskdef to your build file. Use either of the following. Вы установили клиент командной строки (svnclient), но вы не сказали Ant использовать его: javahl="false" svnkit="false". Оба должны быть установлены . This article describes how to use the ANT svn task. if you use neither client nor javahl jar is required svnkit is all java implementation. name="" location="svn-ant-lib"/>" value="false" />" value="true" /><. all, I've been using svnant for a long time now and have set it up on countless machines. I've been running on a vista 64 laptop, and I had it working. SVNKit is an open-source, pure Java software library for working with the Subversion version is not possible to install native Subversion or from within applications (e.g. Apache Ant scripts) that could not rely on the native Subversion presence. A fair comparison of SVNKit and JavaHL can be found in Subversion Book. I built the svnant JAR from the trunk source. I used the included svnkit, ganymede , svnClientAdapter and javahl libraries. I'm using the following. -

Use ant svn svnkit javahl

and enjoy

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